What our clients say

    Marion Marshall has been my preferred jewellery for the past 20 years.  Their emphasis on individual design and quality stones have particularly supported my love of jewellery.  I have made many recommendations to friends who have been equally impressed with the quality of the metal work, threading and overall service.  Robert and Julie love what they do and work hard to ensure their clients’ satisfaction with any jewellery made or purchased.

    Barbara Chalmer


    Working with Robert and Julie, our local Artisan Jewellers on multiple occasions has been an absolute pleasure.

    He afforded me plenty of time and drew numerous beautiful designs which assisted in my final choice of a Band of Diamonds.

    Every time I look at this stunning ring I feel absolute joy!!!

    The teardrop sapphire and diamond earrings made for our daughter’s 30th birthday were also exquisite.

    The other bonus is being able to select from pieces at many price points that are already on display.

    Jane and Ian

    I had a couple of beaded necklaces that I just didn’t wear anymore. I was recommended by a friend to Marion Marshall Jewellery, and Julie sat down with me and designed 2 new stunning necklaces.  Julie’s service and advise was exceptional, she brought out a large range of natural coloured beads for me to choose from.



    I would highly recommend the artistic services of Robert at Marion Marshall.  Over the years I have been lucky enough to have some new pieces created which I just love they are unique and special.  Robert truly crafts jewellery with the best quality of materials and stones.

    I had some old jewellery re-designed with a more modern flair and have been absolutely thrilled with how these pieces turned out. I love wearing my old but new items every day! rather than leaving them unloved in a draw at home.

    Robert has a great style and eye for detail he explains the options and talks you through the process step by step. Brilliant service! I am a very happy customer!

    Melissa Smith

    Robert Galea is a master craftsman who engages well with his clients and I soon became aware of his uncanny intuitive abilities to grasp the design ideas in someone else’s head.

    Across several demanding commissions from me, Robert has demonstrated the capacity to grasp abstract concepts and translate them into a detailed pencil sketch of the ring to scale. We spent fruitful hours in the studio discussing the project as he meticulously drew in his notebook a series of prototypes of what I was describing. I felt included and empowered in the design process. When signing off on the finished sketch, I had the confidence that he had grasped what I wanted and had shaped some of my ideas combined with his own into an elegant representation of the proposed artwork.

    And then in the isolation of his workshop this brilliant goldsmith and silversmith has the knowledge and skills, the tenacity of a perfectionist, and the energy to realize design potentials in the visceral and unforgiving materials of precious stones and metals. The finished work was delivered on time and at the quoted cost.

    Over the last three years (2019-2022), Robert has created two stunning rings for me that far exceeded what I had in mind, as well as an innovative renovation of an old ring with sentimental value. In addition, I engaged him to undertake three commissions for my friends and in each instance he more than fulfilled their expectations.

    But there is no false modesty in Robert. When I pointed out how much work had come his way through me, he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, ‘I must be doing something right!’

    All in all, without reservation, I highly recommend Robert and Marion Marshall Jewellers to you as a professional and well-managed company. Julie his partner and the welcoming receptionist lead a great team.

    Warm regards,

    Stephen Cugley

    Robert and Julie’s shop front is the first delight you encounter. Their range of jewellery is individualistic and truly lovely. So much to attract the eye.

    Working with Robert on my three rings has been a shared creative experience. He has a genuine ability to tune in to you. The first ring I commissioned incorporated the diamonds from the engagement rings of my late mother and mother-in-law. I had images from nature in mind and Robert suggested adding two green sapphires sourced from Queensland. He drew up a design with curving gold stems and a small leaf between the stones. Of course, the resulting work was beautifully executed.

    The second commission was a revamp of my wedding ring, bought off the counter thirty years ago, with three small diamonds and two black sapphires on an angle in a narrow gold band. Robert suggested a simple and elegant solution by adding a gold band either side. It gave the ring an appealing contemporary upgrade.

    Ring number three was a surprise. I was there with my husband when Robert brought out a ring he created for the pleasure of it while working on the rings for us. Perhaps he did have us in mind because we both tried it on (ring finger and little finger) and immediately imagined wearing it. Evoking something different in each of us – a bold expanse of gold with a glowing red spinel at the centre, five small black diamond’s on one side and two larger white ones on the other – we purchased it and now take turns wearing our ‘special occasion’ ring.

    I recommended Marion Marshall Jewellery to friends, and I would recommend Robert to anyone who appreciates a true craftsperson.


    Helen Martineau

    I bought in 4 strands of Pearls that were left to me by my mother and Julie was great at rearranging them into 2 different length necklaces.  Julie perfectly sorted them out to the appropriate sizes and now have 2 Pearl necklaces I am proud to wear.

    Kate Jones

    I have 16 pieces – rings, earrings, a pendant, a necklace and a bracelet – all made by Robert Galea, the craftsman jeweller of Marion Marshall Jewellery. The making of a piece involves talking over ideas with Robert, who sketches how he thinks the piece could look and then we discuss it further.

    It is quite an exciting process, and once the piece is being made there’s a sense of anticipation, waiting to see it finished. Every piece is beautifully crafted. Robert’s workmanship is focused on making something that is valuable to the person it is being made for, as well as having intrinsic aesthetic value.

    Margaret W.

    I have had exquisite pieces of jewellery made at MMJ over the past few years. Robert Galea is a master craftsman who listens to your ideas and then provides skilled and superb realisations of your artistic concepts.

    Sometimes the process is very fast. You visit the showroom and see a beautiful piece which you know will become a treasured part of your personal collection as soon as you try it on.



    Robert and Julie always provide amazing design, excellent quality work and highly personalised service. Over the last few years, they have assisted me with everything from repairs and remodelling, to creating new pieces. I cannot recommend them highly enough as they take such great care, produce beautiful jewellery and are simply lovely people to deal with.


    Dear Robert and Julie,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving my new earrings. They are beautiful, just what I wanted and every time I wear them, I always receive compliments.

    I so enjoy the whole process of walking into your gorgeous shop, describing what I would like and my budget.  Each piece of jewellery you have made for me is always just perfect and within my budget.

    Thank you so very much,